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Algunas veces reingreso a la matriz para buscar las grietas / Sometimes I re-entry the matrix to search for the cracks

Offray Luna

Indirect halo menu from the Pharo Web image.

Indirect halo menu from the Pharo Web image.

The transcript from the video "1.2. [Lecture] Pharo: An Immersive Object-Oriented System" of the Pharo MOOC says:

Every graphic element of Pharo that you click on...  - With Cmd+Shift+Option,  - you'll get a little menu around the graphic element.

I don't get this halo directly, by presing Ctrl + Shift, which can be a little confusing. What I get is a contextual menu that let's me to select the halo after that. (image above).

After that I need to go to the add halo menu. It's kind of indirect, compared with the previous behavior.

The combination that works is `Shift`+`Alt`+`MiddleClick`. (Thanks to Ben Coman, for the answer).